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We believe there are four pillars of every successful business; product fit, route to market, access to finance and decision making. We address each of these pillars through our products, joint ventures and services.

The Whitespace Belfast team's office from the outside

In 2014, Whitespace started as a VC firm founded by a team of former hackers and financial advisors. We would invest exclusively into startups who were able to address the challenges our corporate partners faced. Through working with our startups to make their technology ‘enterprise friendly’, we developed a world class tech team able to build scalable products used by global clients.

Since 2016, we closed our fund and began to focus on our ability to develop software. We’ve kept our strong corporate partnerships alive through our communities and are currently in the process of developing our own internal products to help founders scale and grow their own companies.

The Whitespace Belfast team
The Whitespace Belfast office shared space
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We provide advice and support to tech scale-ups and growth teams to help them develop their products and expand their business.

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Our leadership team specialise in leveraging their deep industry and technical insight to guide strategy and decision making. As a result, Whitespace sit on many of our client's advisory boards.

  • — Commercial Strategy
  • — Product Viability
  • — Fundraising
  • — Research
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Our team offers broad-spectrum support from building product prototypes to branding to advising key technical hires. We think a holistic view is vital to the success of any product.

  • — User Experience Design
  • — Communication & Messaging
  • — Product Design
  • — Project Management
  • — Regulation Compliance
  • — Technical Hiring Assistance
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Our technical teams are capable of taking a project from idea to full scale production. We build each product from the ground up with best practices in mind and often build a bespoke team around each client.

  • — Product Setup
  • — Technical Architecture
  • — Frontend Development
  • — Backend Development
  • — Native Design & Development
  • — AI / ML Implementation

The Whitespace Team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of the best thinkers, designers, developers, and communicators.

Andy McCartney profile photo

Andy McCartney


Paul Jenkinson profile photo

Paul Jenkinson


John Charnley profile photo

Dr. John Charnley


Andrew Webber profile photo

Andrew Webber


Glenn McClements profile photo

Glenn McClements

General Manager

Nick Page profile picture

Nick Page

Chief Growth Officer & Product Director

Rob Parker profile picture

Rob Parker

Senior Architect

Chris Fowler profile picture

Chris Fowler

Senior Developer

Wesley Knowles profile picture

Wesley Knowles

Operations Manager

Thomas Bleicher profile picture

Thomas Bleicher

Senior Developer

Russell Kerr profile picture

Russell Kerr

Lead UX Designer

Simon McFerran profile picture

Simon McFerran

Senior UX Engineer

Frank Quinn profile picture

Frank Quinn

Senior Developer

Chris Hibberd profile picture

Chris Hibberd

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Ed Manson profile picture

Ed Manson

UX Designer

Kelsey Bones profile picture

Kelsey Bones

UX Designer

Conor McAfee profile picture

Conor McAfee

UX Engineer

Stuart Beattie profile picture

Stuart Beattie

Senior Software Engineer

Amit Sharma profile picture

Amit Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Paul Topley profile picture

Paul Topley

Senior Software Engineer

Tony Quigley profile picture

Tony Quigley

Senior Software Engineer

Sonam Gandhi profile picture

Sonam Gandhi

Marketing Apprentice

Calum Dixon profile picture

Calum Dixon

UX Design Intern

Careers at Whitespace

We are growing. Fast. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to work on the best projects and with the most interesting clients.

Working at Whitespace
The Whitespace London office



Runway East,
London Bridge,
20 St Thomas St,
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Whitespace London is located on the first floor of the 20 St Thomas Street building, a 1 minute walk from London Bridge station, right by The Shard.

The Whitespace Belfast office



Stepspace, Floor 7,
Centre House,
79 Chichester Street,
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You can find Whitespace Belfast on the seventh floor of the Centre House building just across the road from the main entrance of Victoria Square.