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The Whitespace Corporate Innovation Club is a community of over 120+ international and global corporate brands as well as NGOs and government bodies.

A group of organisations that share a passion and interest in using an open innovation approach to help create new, different experiences and revenue models. The senior representatives either have a direct remit around driving innovation on behalf of their organisation, or are a key contributor to it. The purpose of our community is to learn from each other – both successes and failures – and from expert guest speakers around specific topics or themes.

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The club meets every two months and is always hosted by a club member and chaired by Whitespace. The club is free to participate in and the members have collectively agreed on the topics, to ensure that the discussion will be fully relevant to their needs and provide scope for sharing knowledge and learning from each other’s experiences. Depending on the topic, the club also invites external experts to present, engage and provoke an honest and open dialogue amongst all the members. Download our brochure to find out further information about our corp club.

Members taking part in the Whitespace Corporate Innovation club