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Our Discovery Days help businesses understand and solve the technical and commercial challenges of their product or service.

Discovery Days are full-day workshops which help businesses understand and solve the technical and commercial challenges they face. We’re looking to work on interesting problems and have organised Discovery Days with both FTSE 100 and startup companies. If a problem is interesting enough, we may consider providing the resources to build it out with our in-house development team.

How it Works

We arrange a ~30 min phone call to understand your problem and see where we can add value.
We build an agenda for the discovery day, send over a mutual NDA and our contract.
In the Discovery Day, you'll sit down with our leadership team for ~8 hours and we'll run through commercial and technical factors. Often, we'll bring in our partners engineers from Microsoft, IBM or Oracle if appropriate.
We'll send you an in-depth report on how we think you should approach your solution on both commercial and technical levels.

After the Discovery Day, we’ll provide you with a high level of technical scope on how to build your product.

This report will be sufficient to give to any dev team to start working on your product. The report will include:

  • A high-level architecture of how the product could be structured
  • A technical design of what an MVP / Proof of Concept could be
  • Estimate of the resource and dev requirement needed to realise your product
  • A breakdown of the time frames and relatable risks.
  • An insight into the operational procedures (security, Q&A, deployment setup)
  • How we would take the product forward

We’re happy to share a real example report after an NDA has been signed.

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Why Whitespace

Our team credentials cover a broad range of skills and we have a proven track record of success. Each Discovery Day will feature at least 3 of the Whitespace Management Team and other experts in their fields. In addition, our corporate network is un-precedented and we’re able to link your project with the right corporates if necessary.

Illustrative image of 3 Whitespace team members
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Qi was at a major juncture and needed to rebuild its technology architecture. In particular, with the technology landscape evolving so quickly, it became essential for us to understand what types of platforms and architecture would give us the flexibility to grow and scale rapidly. Our Discovery Day with Whitespace was both an eye opener and a game changer. Now one year down the road, we find ourselves in the technology sweet spot, with a flexible, scalable, modular, cloud-based architecture that allows us to grow quickly and to evolve our products easily.

— Mahmood Noorani, CEO, Quant Insight

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Found participated in the Whitespace discovery day in a critical phase of our business where we were making decisions that were affecting our short and mid term resource allocation and focus. The mix of skills and experience that the Whitespace team brought to the session was impressive and vast. Whitespace assisted us in setting a strategic direction for our business strategy, tech development strategy, and our fundraising strategy. Awesome dudes!

— Lance Plunkett, CEO, Found

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We employ a fixed and clear pricing approach for all clients.

There are no hidden charges and we will employ as many of the Whitespace team in the workshop as needed so we have the right skills and experience in the room to address the client brief.

Half Discovery Day

£6,000 + VAT

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Full Discovery Day

£12,000 + VAT

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