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The InvestReady service is a world first at making technical investor reports affordable to scale-ups.

Our InvestReady service is designed to create financial modelling and due diligence reports for scale ups during your investment rounds. We’ve made it incredibly easy to create all the technical reports you need in order for investors to give you your money. It’s easy to offer term sheets, the hard work is proving you are a good investment in a language they understand.

How it Works

We give you a dedicated accountant who helps you extract key business driver information used to build your financial model - don’t worry we do all the work for you! It’s all done remotely, and it only involves up to 3 hours work with you.
We provide you back with comprehensive financial reports that breeze past investor due diligence and sets you a peg above the rest trying to raise investment.
Give our reports to your accountant or business partner helping your raise investment, you are not restricted to use our accountants once the reports are done.

After the Discovery Day, we’ll provide you with a high level technical scope on how to build your product.

This report will be sufficient to give to any dev team to start working on your product. It report will include:

  • A high-level architecture of how the product could be structured
  • A technical design of what an MVP / Proof of Concept could be
  • Estimate of the resource and dev requirement needed to realise your product
  • A breakdown of the time frames and relatable risks.
  • An insight into the operational procedures (security, Q&A, deployment setup)
  • How we would take the product forward

We’re happy to share a real example report after an NDA has been signed.

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Why Whitespace

This is our bread and butter. We’re a team of expert investment accountants who together have raised over £100m+ in finance for various companies. But our top secret is that we’ve have built our own special software to rapidly model your business.

Illustrative image of 3 Whitespace team members
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Bespoke pricing depending on the complexity of your business and depth of existing financial models.

We’ll arrange a remote call to truly understand your business. We’ll give you fundraising advice and build a financial model specifically for you.

1 Hour Investment Consultation


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